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Author: LiveScience
Those spiders arent as dangerous as you think
Even though deadly spider bites are regular fodder for scary stories, spider experts say it's actually quite rare for anyone to suffer serious injuries from the world's deadliest spiders. Thanks to antivenin and good medical care, deaths from spider bites have steeply declined since the 1950s, according to records kept by national poison control centers. "People think every spider bite is deadly, but the ones you hear about are the tragic ones," said Richard Vetter, an arachnologist and retired research associate at the University of California, Riverside. Australia's funnel web spiders are probably the most toxic spiders to humans. Three species of Phoneutria spiders found in Brazil are potentially deadly, but according to Vetter, the spiders are rarely found outside the country, despite stories of the creatures infesting banana shipments. Brown recluse spiders are another globetrotting spider species native to North America. Vetter first showed that medical diagnoses of brown recluse bites greatly outnumbered the actual number of spiders in a 2003 study published in the journal Toxicon. An antivenin is available in Brazil for a recluse spider species, but its production causes the early death of thousands of horses and spiders.

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