posted at 17:50
Author: Mark Sullivan
Thu, 27 Nov 2014 01:37:48 +0000
Uber app collects an uncool amount of data about users, security pro says
Just when one media firestorm over Uber's privacy policies starts to subside, another story emerges about how much data the company collects about its users through its mobile app. A security researcher in Arizona named Joe Giron described in a blog post Tuesday how he decompiled the Uber mobile app's code, and was surprised at the extent of that data, which is gathered and reported back to Uber's servers. "Access to permissions including Wifi networks and camera are included so that users can experience full functionality of the Uber app," says Uber in an email response to VentureBeat. "This is not unique to Uber, and downloading the Uber app is of course optional." Uber also pointed us here for an explanation of the app's data requests. An Uber spokesperson explains that the code in the app that requests that information from the phone wasn't put there by Uber. Giron decompiled the Android version of the Uber app in his tests. Like all Android apps, the Uber app displays a permissions page after downloading that the user must consent to. The extent of the data the Uber app collects seems to go beyond the data set shown on the permissions screen.

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