posted at 16:50
Author: Mark Sullivan
Sun, 23 Nov 2014 00:19:33 +0000
Ubers black week: Media focused too much on threat to journalists
Uber has just finished the worst public relations week in its history. The story, of course, began with Uber executive Emil Michael's statements a week ago yesterday at a private dinner that his company might use its technology to track the movements of Pando Daily's Sarah Lacy and other journalists critical of the company. The Quid analysis shows, firstly, that this week's privacy story is the biggest news story ever for Uber. The chart below tracks the volume of media stories about Uber by month from the founding of the company to the present. The orange dots in the current month to the right of the chart show that stories about "Lacy, targeting journalists, and privacy" dominated the month. The chart below, which tracks the number of articles about Uber by week, shows that stories about the company's privacy policies rocketed upwards this week. McCarthy's and Goodson's study shows that during the past week the media focused its coverage on two related but distinct issues: the threats against Lacy and other journalists, and Uber's policies toward the privacy of Uber riders. Far more articles were written about Uber's treatment of Sarah Lacy than were written about privacy concerns, yet readers posted and tweeted more of the few pure privacy stories that got published than the Sarah Lacy stories, the study shows.

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