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Author: Felicitas Hackmann, VentureVillage
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 08:30:55 +0000
Ubers tech is what taxis are missing. T-Dispatch wants to solve that problem
While Uber and taxi companies are fighting over different regulations in court in pretty much every city out there, Berlin-based T-Dispatch found a solution that could solve part of the problem - and quietly raised 1 million euros. T-Dispatch is a software-as-a-service application that connects and organizes taxi and minicab fleets in its content-management system. Besides the customer-relationship management software and an app, T-Dispatch offers route navigation, sharing documents and requires no extra hardware other than an iPhone or Android device. Having launched two years ago, the team behind T-Dispatch, including founder and chief executive Bryony Cooper and chief technology Mario Brandao, has grown to include 17 people. T-Dispatch later raised 500,000 euros from HTGF as well as another half-million euros from angel investors such as Martin Sinner, Christian Vollman, and Win.Rar. In countries like India, Australia, France, Switzerland, or Congo, T-Dispatch is already in use, but its priority is to launch in English-speaking countries first. London alone has 9,000 minicab companies with most of them having two to ten drivers, according to T-Dispatch. T-Dispatch plans to start its service in Germany in early 2015.

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