posted at 01:50
Author: Blathnaid Healy
UK insurance firms to be banned from covering terrorist ransoms
Yesterday, May announced other changes that will force internet service providers to hand over information about people's IP addresses. Civil liberties campaigner Tory MP David Davis, also speaking on the Andrew Marr Show, said the measure was a stepping stone back to the Snooper's Charter - the Draft Communications Data Bill that would have required ISPs and mobile phone firms to keep records user's activity for 12 months. "It's a stepping stone back to the old Snooper's Charter. The thing that Parliament roundly threw out about a year and half ago, two years ago because they weren't convinced that this was necessary," Davis said. The bill's introduction coincides with a week-long nationwide terrorism awareness campaign in which the police will attempt to build grass-roots support in a bid to prevent attacks. The head of London's police force said Sunday that as many as five terror plots were foiled this year. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe told the BBC that normally security services disrupt one plot annually. Police have become increasingly concerned about young people traveling to fight in Syria and becoming radicalized by the Islamic State group. The Scotland Yard chief said police are increasingly worried about the possibility of a "Lone wolf" attack and that thwarting such attacks is putting pressure on resources because police need to move fast.

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