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Ukraine faces coal shortage with rebels controlling mines
Ukraine gets some 40 percent of its power from coal-fired plants, and has traditionally had a surplus of coal, producing some 86 million tonnes at last count in 2012. Without warning, Russia announced it was stopping coal supplies to Ukraine last week, claiming "Force majeure" but offering no explanation. "I don't know for how long Russia intends to stop coal deliveries. If it stops them for a long period, our thermal stations will not be able to function at full power," said Ukraine's Energy Minister Yuriy Prodan. Official statistics shows the country needs a million tonnes of anthracite coal per month to feed its power stations. Experts say Ukraine is short some three million tonnes for the winter season. Ukraine has three options, none of them very appealing. The final option is the most awkward: buying coal from the very rebels its army is fighting. With nearly 4.5 million tonnes of coal stored in Donbass reserves, it would be the quickest and cheapest option.

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