posted at 21:50
Author Name: Michael Mathes
US midterms: Republicans poised to seize Congress
Republicans have the momentum and are ideally positioned to snatch a Senate majority that would put Obama's rivals in charge of both chambers of Congress during his last two years in the White House. Polls show most Americans feel the country is on the wrong track, emboldening Republican candidates, who must either deliver a win or see their own agenda stymied by Senate leaders still loyal to an unpopular president. The political landscape is tilting away from Democrats, with forecast models showing Republicans with good odds of winning the Senate. The Republicans have repeated their mantra - "A vote for the Democrats is a vote for Barack Obama" - as they have sought to make the midterm election a referendum on the president. Even as the New York stock exchange closed Friday at a record high, Republicans hammered home their message that Obama has let the economic recovery slip away. Should Republicans seize congressional control, Obama and Democrats will see several of their priorities shelved. Republicans will seek to repeal Obama's health care reforms and roll back energy industry regulations. "Republicans will have to show they have the capability to govern," Republican Senator Bob Corker told a Tennessee newspaper.

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