posted at 22:00
Author Name: Peter Stebbings
US shoppers go in for the kill on Black Friday
"Most places have 50 percent or more off, it's pretty good. I come here most years to get clothes for the winter, but it's not as crazy busy as previous years," he said. Vera Luo, a 19-year-old from China studying in Washington, came armed with a suitcase she was ready to fill to bursting with new acquisitions that she said would be more expensive in China. "I have no idea where my friends are or when I will find them," said the economics student, clasping a directory of the more than 100 stores in the complex. "It's not the cheapest time in the year. After Christmas is cheaper, but I came today because there are more options - nothing is left after Christmas," he said sagely. He too was through the doors early but was taking a more tactical approach, refusing to jump right into the spending bonanza. Jeanette, a local who gave her age as "104," was another refusing to get carried away by the discounts of more than 50 percent. Taking a breather on a bench while her daughter and granddaughter did the running about, Jeanette too said it had been noticeably busier in previous years. "A few years ago it was not like this, but prices have gone up in the last few years," she said, adding with a grin: "But I am not done quite yet."

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