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Author Name: Raphaƃ«lle Picard
US universities battle scourge of campus rape
The problem at American University is one that colleges across the nation are confronting - how to stem the rising tide of campus sexual assaults. After the article was published, the school announced it was suspending fraternity and sorority activity - so-called "Greek life" - until January, when the new semester begins, and would hold meetings with students, faculty, alumni and others concerned to discuss steps to prevent sexual violence on campus. Gould nevertheless organized a demonstration on campus that she called a "Turning point", explaining: "The university can't just sweep it under the rug anymore." "Don't be a bystander. Stopping sexual assault is about being the guy who stops it," the campaign urges in videos using footage shot at parties, showing drunk women targeted by unscrupulous students. At American University, sophomore Faith Ferber is part of a student group that runs workshops on sexual violence prevention, which have grown in popularity on campus since the email scandal. The group has gotten the university administration to require all members of the dozen officially recognized fraternities to attend a workshop. "Risk reduction is one very small, even not essential piece to sexual prevention," said Daniel Rappaport, the university official tasked with preventing sexual violence. Under the new law, any sexual encounter without clear agreement could be considered rape if a complaint is filed with the university.

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