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Author Name: Shane Ferro
Weekend Reads November 21
Here's a smattering of excellent posts, both short and long, from the last few days that make for a good weekend read. How climate change will end wine as we know it - Sandra Allen. The hardest part about making a viral video of grandmas smoking weed for the first time is finding grandmas who have never smoked weed - Jack Marshall. Does demography explain secular stagnation? - The Economist. There's a glut in the cranberry market - Tom Moroney. If you enjoy Twitter, you might want to buy this print - Michelle Vaughan. How patience pays off for investors - Sam Ro. Jeremy Grantham: The world doesn't have enough stuff to make it as great as we want it to be - Myles Udland. Putin: There's a plus side to the economic sanctions making Russians miserable - Elena Holodny. Bill Ackman just perfectly executed the "Heads I win, tails you lose" trick that makes Wall Street famous - Linette Lopez.

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