posted at 19:00
Author: Colin Daileda
What happened to the debate over immigration reform?
One would think candidates would at least be holding debates about the issue. The Democratic Party also made a clear decision not to raise the issue after primaries because it "Would hurt vulnerable Democrats," she said. After consistently fighting throughout 2013, both parties seem to have called a truce on immigration policy until the midterms play out, as the Democrats and Republicans seem too wary of the issue's contentiousness to risk possible damage to their election hopes. "Ebola is a serious issue. Ebola coming from Mexico to America is not a serious issue. ISIS coming to America from Mexico is not a serious issue," Ratner, who has worked for president Obama, told Mashable. "It's a deeply syndical, deeply misleading, deeply harmful and frankly disgraceful way to talk about very, very serious issues." Candidates only discussed the issue directly during primaries, according to a Brookings report. "The fact is that on the two big issues of the 2014 primaries, the political parties are as polarized as ever." Still, Kamarck said the parties are at a "Profound impasse" on the issue.

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