posted at 18:50
Author: Pete Pachal
Whatever happens to Google Glass, its been a boon to smart glasses
"Google remains committed to Glass and is energized by the opportunity that wearables, and Glass in particular, represent," spokesperson Anna Richardson White told Mashable, adding that Google would launch Glass officially "When the product is fully ready." When it's fully ready? Google's had nearly two years since it kicked off the Google Glass Explorer program, and almost three since it first started talking about it. "There's a lot of people who have fallen out of favor with [Glass] because there just doesn't seem like there's a vision for Google of where they're taking it," said Robert Patterson, vice-president of social media for MMGY Global and an early adopter of Google Glass. If Google Glass has - at least on the surface - failed, what chance do smart glasses have? Google built Glass to stand out on purpose, but it hasn't blunted the accusations of spyware, which has led many to completely shun the product. "If Google Glass could go with a stronger processor, and a pair of glasses that were optically see-through and actually fashionable looking, they could start to deliver the stuff they were talking about," Travers said. Would perfectly designed smart glasses even be enough? As many have observed, Google Glass often feels like a solution in search of a problem. Many in the enterprise world would say, yes, and indeed Google Glass has spurred lots of professions to consider smart glasses where they might not have otherwise.

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