posted at 06:51
Author: Dr. Christy Lane, Vivametrica
Sat, 01 Nov 2014 13:00:32 +0000
Why Apple Watch could be good for your heart rate
Two of these sensors are meaningful to me as an exercise scientist: a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. Heart rate is a basic yet very powerful metric: your resting heart rate can tell a lot about your health, and your heart's response to exercise can tell even more. Exercise physiologists have been using heart rate to prescribe and monitor athletic training programs for decades. Clinical exercise prescriptions are also based on heart rate ranges. Heart rate is not the be all and end all of health metrics, particularly for measuring intensity. Heart rate can tell us about physiological processes that the cold and calculating accelerometers cannot. Stress: While an accelerometer can't provide insight into stress, a heart rate monitor can. Long-term records of heart rate for individuals will be very powerful in stress assessment and management.

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