posted at 15:50
Author: Mark Sullivan
Sat, 22 Nov 2014 23:43:17 +0000
Why Im pleasantly surprised with Obamas immigration plan
I had expected - or feared - that President Obama would once again let Silicon Valley down with his executive order on immigration. There are more than one million immigrant doctors, scientists, engineers, and teachers who entered the country legally and are stuck in limbo while they wait for permanent resident visas, which are in short supply. The president's executive order provides "Portable work authorization," which means that they will be able to change jobs. Highly skilled professionals - mostly women - have seen their careers stagnate and been confined to their homes because they were not allowed to work. The administrative order authorizes work visas for the spouses of immigrants who have filed for permanent resident visas. What the president didn't announce was an increase in the numbers of temporary and permanent resident visas and a proper Start-up Visa. The tragedy is that millions of undocumented workers were left out of the executive order and hundreds of thousands of skilled immigrants will still remain in limbo. The only hope now is that sanity does prevail - and that level-headed Republicans work with the Democrats to craft legislation to do what is right for America.

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