posted at 23:50
Author: Kari Paul
Why wont the war stop? South Sudan refugees in their own words
When the war broke out and people left the Nuba Mountains, many people thought there wouldn't be football ever again. Peter Adam is a student at Meroe Primary School in Ajuong Thok. Many children are giving up school in Ajuong Thok because they don't have their parents with them. He may go to one or two classes, but then he starts thinking about his duties, and counting all of the work that will be waiting for him when he comes home from school. Please support school children, to help them advance with their studies without interruption, and to prevent them from dropping out of school. In Nuba, children like these ones are not in school. People today are afraid to send their children to school, to have them gather together in school because of the ongoing war in the Nuba Mountains. In Ajuong Thok, even if the conditions are difficult, any child can enroll in school.

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