posted at 16:50
Author: Josh Dickey
Wonder Woman movie gets a wondrous woman director
Didn't just hire a woman to direct Wonder Woman. They found her in Michelle MacLaren, the prolific TV director and producer whose extensive work as a director and executive producer on Breaking Bad won her primetime Emmys the last two years running, Mashable has confirmed. Wonder Woman will mark MacClaren's feature film debut, though she's no stranger to more epic fare. She also directed four episodes of Game of Thrones, including "Oathkeeper," the episode in which the Amazonian-in-her-own-right Lady Brienne is given a new suit of armor and a Valyrian steel sword by Jaime Lannister. Does that mean there's a part in the 2017 Wonder Woman release for Gwendoline Christie? That's probably a pretty safe bet. Game of Thrones now has two newbie directors in the superhero-movie game after another alum, Alan Taylor, went to Thor: The Dark World. Joe and Anthony Russo also came straight from TV to deliver one of Marvel's strongest hits. Though MacClaren was hired to both direct and develop the project - meaning the script is still probably pretty malleable at this point - we'll actually first see Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is set for 2016.

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