posted at 15:51
Author: Mo Marshall
Mon, 24 Nov 2014 23:37:38 +0000
Yes, business leader, you have a tech budget. But you still need IT. Heres why
CMOs, HR directors, and other line-of-business leaders are becoming technologists, purchasing and implementing software to improve their department's productivity. This doesn't mean they need to have IT skills, but they do need to appreciate the expertise of IT professionals in protecting their investment and making it work. Oftentimes, they'll start the business leader out in Proof of Concept mode, deploying software for free or minimal cost but in a limited capacity. Yes, IT needs to be more sensitive to the speed and adaptability needs in the business. On the flip side, not all apps need to be native, and if yours doesn't, let IT make that decision. Collaboration needs to happen at all levels, not as a top-down mandate. The bottom line is, because individual departments have budgets, they often implement technology that has sensitive data, may need to integrate with back-end systems, and must, at some point, become accessible to a broader employee base. Mark Lorion is CMO for Apperian, a software company that provides a hosted enterprise app store and management platform.

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