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Author: James O'Brien
Youll really hear it here first in music app for unsigned bands
Turns out Amman Ahmed, founder of Rormix, is exactly that kind of believer. Showing the world that Rormix could make unknown bands a viable idea also meant bootstrapping a £5-per-day marketing budget, at the start. Ahmed's nine-member team has now snagged $420,000 in collective seed-round funding from AXM Venture Capital and others, plus Rormix has signed a deal with more than 700 fitness centers in the UK, piping its content - drawing on more than 4,000 videos - to a captive audience that's already generated some 2 million monthly views. The question remains, though: how will Rormix's signal - composed of videos by unsigned and still relatively unknown indie bands - ultimately cut through the noise of the Vevos, last. You can favorite the cut, click through to the artist's social-media links, and/or send the video around to your own social accounts, but finding unsigned and emerging bands that you love on Rormix might come with a bit of frustration. Rormix has an idea when it comes to users with the itch to keep, say, that one Mr 6 tune on their devices. As users generate comments and shares, they'll earn points on Rormix. While he's counting on the left-of-mainstream nature of Rormix to bring to him a fresh, untapped audience, what he's learning about the demographic his content reaches - on one level, primarily male, most of them 35 or younger - is driving a strategy that could further differentiate what Rormix does.

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