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Author Name: Dina Spector
10 Most Important Things In The World, Dec. 3
REUTERS/Jason LeeLei Jun, founder and chief executive officer of China's mobile company Xiaomi, demonstrates the new features of the new Xiaomi Phone 4 at its launching ceremony, in Beijing July 22, 2014. Good morning! Here's what you need to know for Wednesday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for early elections after firing his finance and justice ministers for opposing government policy. President Barack Obama is said to have picked Ashton Carter, the former deputy secretary of defence, to replace outgoing defence secretary Chuck Hagel. Xiaomi, the world's third-biggest smartphone manufacturer, made its first US investment as part of a $40 million funding round, which included other Chinese companies, for a Silicon Valley wearables startup called Misfit. The Iraq government and the autonomous Kurdish region reached a long-term deal to share the country's oil revenues and military resources. Qatar released the design of their fourth stadium for the 2022 World Cup. North Korea has banned its citizens from using the name Kim Jong-Un..

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