posted at 17:50
Author: Patrick Kulp
15 gifts without screens your kids will probably still love anyway
From outdoor activities like self-propelled skateboards, pitching machines or jumping stilts to creativity-inspiring pursuits like a soda can robot kit or a simplified circuit board, non-screen gifts can be found at every price range. Price: $350A cheaper, smaller and safer version of a go-cart that includes a drifting lever for daredevil kids. Price: $150This futuristic new take on a skateboard "Combines the foot control of snowboarding, the balanced turning of skateboarding, and the nimble, undulating movements of casterboarding." Price: $14Kids can act out their own Hunger Games events without all the brutality. Price: $80Budding engineers can build a light show that plays out in-sync with music. Price: $64Your kids' first step towards their own drone. Price: $273 With these aluminum framed stilts kids can jump up to seven feet or run 20 miles per hour. Price: $10This flat plastic soccer ball uses a fan to hover over carpet or hard floor.

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