posted at 21:50
Author: Ritika Trikha
5 steps for structuring an ideal work day
We spoke with several productivity experts on how to effectively structure an ideal work day. From the time you sit down at your desk to the moment you grab your keys to head home, make each moment work in your favor with these five tips. Your ideal work day should actually start percolating the night before. If planning takes more than five minutes, it sounds like you have bigger problems than structuring your ideal work day - priorities and vision of your goals should be clear as day. Integrate feedback into your schedule: Even with the perfectly scheduled work day, you aren't productive unless you're actually making progress in your goals. Reflection is a brief but essential portion of an ideal work day, and one that's key to actually turning your day-to-day work into advances of your goals. So schedule in some "Touch-base" time regularly to get feedback on your work to make sure your efforts are fruitful. Ending your work day at the same time daily gets you in the habit of being incredibly productive in the morning rather than opening up a floodgate of procrastination in the evening.

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