posted at 03:51
Author: Scott Gerber
9 marketing mistakes that make you look like a rookie
To find out which marketing mistakes are truly embarrassing, I asked a panel of entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council for major marketing don'ts. I have spent a lot of money on Facebook ads for hundreds of companies. Seventy percent of the companies out there will not benefit at all from Facebook ads while 10% will thrive on them. Test several ads and targeting audiences for a couple different landing pages. Test to see if it works but don't bet the farm on Facebook Ads, as it doesn't work for most of the startups I've worked with. Most marketing requires a component of paid marketing in the form of ads, but it is vital that you focus on getting a positive ROI from those ads. We made the mistake of running an online ad campaign right after launch without ever analyzing and testing our early user flows. Don't waste money on ads without making sure they will work first.

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