posted at 19:50
Author: Tom Cheredar
Wed, 03 Dec 2014 03:38:49 +0000
Amazons Jeff Bezos is only half right about lower book prices translating to more money for authors
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks books prices overall are too high and that this is part of the reason authors aren't making as much money as they used to - but he's only half correct when he says authors can make more money by charging less per book. "Book prices in my view are too expensive. $30 for a book is too much," Bezos told Business Insider's Henry Blodget on stage at an event in New York City today. Regular book publishers probably could sell more books and make more money if they lowered prices. Alternately, authors could ditch their regular publisher in favor of Amazon's publishing arm, which offers a greater cut on book sales and more control over pricing. Why? Well first of all, regular book publishers do have a vested interest in helping authors make more money, but their first priority will always be to ensure their own profits remain healthy. If lowering book prices will increase the publisher's profits, then it will do so, but not to the extent that it'll lose money so authors can make more. Secondly, authors could start publishing through Amazon's publishing arm for the bigger cut on each book sold, but the total number of books sold will likely be lower. Amazon is certainly doing a heck of a lot more than the major book publishers.

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