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Author: Jenni Ryall
Australians can charge and drive with the plug-in Audi A3 e-tron
As you step into Audi's upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle offering, the A3 e-tron, the silence is the first thing you notice. By driving the e-tron, the first of Audi's hybrid models to roll out, your petrol costs a day can be reduced by 50km. With fuel costs tipping a weekly average at A$1.40 a litre, that equals a A$70 saving per charge. The car comes with a charging dock, which can be transported around in a suitcase-style container, fitted into your garage by Audi staff on purchase. One of the worries about the switch to pure electric models has been the lack of infrastructure in the cities to re-charge your car, but the Audi hybrid model is a work-around until these are in place, and if sales are promising, perhaps the government will be encouraged to roll out charging stations across the city. Being an eco-friendly hybrid, the Audi e-tron in petrol-mode only sucks up 1.6 litres of juice for every 100km - meaning a low 37 grams per kilometre of CO2 emissions. Electronic cars have generally been viewed as a novelty item, but this has changed in recent times, especially with the interest in the full-electronic car the Tesla, which has made its mark as a status symbol with Silicon Valley's cool kids, but with a starting price of A$100,000, it is a little out of reach to the regular Aussie. If you are edging into the electric market, a reasonably-priced luxury car such as the hybrid Audi e-tron might be the way to go. The Audi e-tron is available in Australia in March 2015, for a starting price of around A$60,000.

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