posted at 21:50
Author: Richard Goold, Tech City News
Tue, 02 Dec 2014 05:04:06 +0000
Bitcoin moves from hype to disappointment, and on to real utility
Even many sophisticated early tech adopters are scratching their heads unless they have a really compelling personal reason to start adopting Bitcoin. Still, I believe that Bitcoin is going to be one of the most dynamic areas in tech over the coming five years. Bitcoin is a software-based online payment system that has been building momentum since 2008. Bitcoin is the native currency of the public ledger for the system. So governments around the world really don't quite know what to do with Bitcoin. Many of the business models that are emerging around Bitcoin relate to wallet or storage technologies. Since I have been watching Bitcoin, it charged up from $90 per Bitcoin to $1,000, but then collapsed. There's been a lot of hype around the $21 million seed round in Blockstream, a high profile U.S. company invested in by the tech glitterati which is focusing on the platform around Bitcoin.

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