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Bono dressed as Hasidic Jew during bike crash: Edge
U2 guitarist The Edge was asked in a US radio interview why no pictures emerged when Bono - one of the world's most recognizable singers - suffered a serious accident in New York's Central Park. "When he's going cycling, he likes to dress up as a Hasidic Jew, so I think that probably helped," The Edge told KROQ in Los Angeles. The Edge sounded serious but the radio hosts laughed and did not follow up to ask if he was joking. U2 on Wednesday announced a tour of North America and Europe starting in May. The Edge gave the interview to KROQ amid the tour announcement to reveal that U2 would not play the Los Angeles station's annual "Almost Acoustic Christmas" charity concert next week due to Bono's injuries. The Irish superstars played a surprise show on Monday in New York to support efforts to fight AIDS. The Edge said that Bono was "So upset" but had been told by doctors not to move for several months. Bono returned to Dublin after five hours of surgery in New York. The Edge said that Bono showed the band his X-rays and that his bones "Looked like a miniature Eiffel Tower."

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