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Author Name: Shaun Tandon
Bruce Springsteen fills in at surprise U2 AIDS show
U2, which has played only select shows since a 2009-2011 tour, announced the free show in Times Square with several hours of notice on Monday to raise awareness and funding on World AIDS Day. Martin, who has long cited U2 as an influence on his work, joined The Edge and the rest of the band to perform "With or Without You" and "A Beautiful Day" - staying faithful to Bono's lyrics and style while struggling to match his range. Bono appeared briefly in a video at the concert in which celebrities listed items - such as French fries and lipstick - that cost the 40 US cents required to provide daily treatment. "Two pills a day is what it takes to stay alive if you're HIV positive," Bono said. Former US president Bill Clinton, who explained that Bono asked him to address the concert, said that 2014 marked the first time that more people around the world received life-saving drugs than were newly diagnosed with HIV. "Twenty-six years ago, we could never have had an event like this on World AIDS Day because to be diagnosed with AIDS was a death sentence," said Clinton, referring to the start of the annual commemoration. Still, some 39 million people have died from HIV-related causes since the virus that leads to AIDS emerged in the 1980s. The concert heard a video message, released earlier in the day, from President Barack Obama who called for sustained efforts to fight HIV.

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