posted at 21:50
Author Name: Cork Gaines
Central Florida Wins On Crazy Hail Mary When Defender Thinks Play Is Already Over
The bizarre ending started with about a minute to go when East Carolina had the ball deep in UCF territory. Even though a field goal would given East Carolina a 7-point lead and almost certainly guarantee they wouldn't lose in regulation, they decided to try and run out the clock by taking a knee. Interestingly, for those who track such things, East Carolina was favored by 6.5 points in many circles. Unable to run out the clock completely, East Carolina tried to run out as much of the clock as possible by having the quarterback scramble around, even taking a sack on 4th down. This gave UCF ten free yards with ten seconds remaining. After the turnover on downs and a quick pass to the sideline, UCF had the ball at midfield with just five seconds remaining. 39 starting to unbuckle his chin strap while the ball was still in the air. That's as crazy of ending as you will ever see.

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