posted at 17:50
Author: Katie Sola
Developers, designers and data: The hottest tech jobs of 2015
If you added 'find a new job' to your list of New Year's resolutions, we're here to help. We talked hiring trends with Scott Dobroski, a career trends analyst at Glassdoor to help identify the hottest jobs in tech. We looked at data provided by the site, which aggregates reviews of jobs and companies, that ranks tech jobs according to how many employees thought business was improving in 2014 to explore which could be next year's best bets. "What data scientists really love about their jobs right now is that they get to build a roadmap within their organizations," and answer questions that have never been asked before, Dobroski says. The mobile trend extends to the job hunting process. More than half of those job candidates say it's difficult to apply over mobile. Check out our gallery, below, of the jobs in which people express the most optimism about their future. If you're inspired, then take a look at the digital and tech jobs for hire on the Mashable Job Board.

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