posted at 20:00
Author: Emil Protalinski
Tue, 02 Dec 2014 03:59:49 +0000
Dropbox for Business launches API as it passes 100K customers
Dropbox for Business is the company's paid service aimed at organizations who want administrative controls and auditing. The debut of an API means business apps can get info about Dropbox for Business teams and team members. Apps with Team member file access permission can make Core API calls on behalf of any member of a Dropbox for Business team. Apps can now receive per-user notifications of updates for all members of a Dropbox forBusiness team, similar to the existing webhook notifications, as well as notifications of changes to team membership. The company doesn't have a plan for an app store - the Dropbox for Business website will be used to for app discovery. Fushman says Dropbox will be working closely with various companies to bring apps to businesses. It's an impressive list, but we wanted to know what the process was for a single developer, rather than a company the size of Microsoft or IBM that Dropbox will naturally want to partner with, who built an app with the hopes that enterprises would use it. For more technical information, we've uploaded the Dropbox for Business API documentation.

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