posted at 02:50
Author Name: Lara O'Reilly
Gap November Sales Down 4 Percent
Sales at the Gap continued to drop in November, as its roundly-criticized "Dress Normal" fall campaign failed to drum up interest from consumers. Gap's comparable sales for November were down 4% versus a 2% increase last year. In a press release Gap described the campaign as a "Rallying cry to be confident in who we are by dressing how we're most comfortable." Jezebel described the campaign as "Blah," and quoted other analysts saying Gap had "Missed the mark" by jumping on the "Normcore" bandwagon. Gap's new CEO Art Peck was forced to defend the campaign earlier this month, telling BuzzFeed it was a "Work in progress" and that it will still live on through 2015, despite the criticism. The announcement of his departure came just two months after Apple hired Gap's number two marketer Marcela Aguila, a move that was thought to be related to the launch of the Apple Watch wearable device. The weak results of the Gap retail brand in November were propped up by the other brands the Gap group owns. In Gap's most recent quarter, Q3, the company reported a 0.1% drop in net sales to $3.97 billion.

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