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Hong Kong protest founders prepare to surrender
Student protesters who have launched a hunger strike vowed they would continue "Suffering pain for justice". Teenage protest leader Joshua Wong and two fellow students, who went on hunger strike late Monday, read out an emotional letter to the city's leader Leung Chun-ying from their tent outside government headquarters. "Please don't ask us to avoid the pain of a hunger strike. Please first ease the agony of suppression and the lack of freedom by Hong Kong people." Their announcement Tuesday of the decision came after clashes between police and protesters outside the government headquarters left dozens injured Sunday night. Occupy Central leader Benny Tai urged those on the streets to leave "This dangerous place". China's communist authorities insist that candidates for Hong Kong's leadership elections in 2017 must be vetted by a loyalist committee, which the protesters say will ensure the election of a pro-Beijing stooge. Protesters who have blocked three major intersections in the city since late September to demand free leadership elections in the semi-autonomous city said that they cannot leave until their demands have been met. While there is no specific warrant out for the founders' arrest, Hong Kong and Chinese authorities have consistently slammed the protests as illegal.

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