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Author Name: Aly Weisman
James Franco Seth Rogen SNL Monologue Sony Hack
James Franco hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and opened the show by addressing last week's massive Sony hacks. "Something pretty crazy happened this week. I have this movie called 'The Interview' coming out at Sony and this week Sony Studios got all their computers hacked. This is true. These hackers have leaked real personal information about everybody that works at Sony. Social security numbers, emails, and I know eventually they're going to start leaking out stuff about me. So before you hear it from someone else, I thought it would be better if you hear it from me." Then Seth Rogen joined Franco on stage, to warn his "Interview" co-star: "It's much, much worse than we thought it would be. You're not going to believe this but an hour ago they released some of our private photos from our phones." NBC/"Saturday Night Live"Like the one I took of you in your dressing room?" asked Franco. NBC/"Saturday Night Live"The two also joked that the hackers released photos of them pretending to be John and Yoko. Earlier this week, leaked Sony documents revealed Rogen was paid $8.4 million and Franco $6.5 million for their roles in"The Interview," a Sony movie about two journalists who land an interview with the North Korean leader and are then recruited by the CIA to take part in a plot to poison him. North Korea reacted furiously in June when Sony announced its plans for the film, denouncing it as the work of "gangster moviemakers. Franco closed the monologue by adding: "Oh and also, all the girls who got any Instagram messages from me last year, the hackers did it! It was the hackers!". In April, Franco was busted for trying to pickup a teenage fan on Instagram.

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