posted at 22:50
Author: Jenni Ryall
Magnificent stacked photograph of lightning strikes in Sydney
A photographer from New Zealand captured a stunning photograph of a skyline filled with lightning strikes in Sydney on Wednesday evening. Roland Taylor, 24, who is currently living in Australia, took the breathtaking series of photographs from his apartment balcony at 5:30 p.m. in Surry Hills, Sydney, as a summer storm rolled through the city. "It was taken as a series of photos over half an hour, each lightning strike is its own photo," Taylor told Mashable. In an evening of wild weather, Sydney was pounded with heavy rain as the storm moved from the southwest of the city to the northeast and then out to sea. There were reports of fire from lightning, power outages and flooding across Sydney as the late afternoon storm took hold. The promising photographer, who has been taking snaps for just three years, said he is "Thrilled" with the positive response the photo has received and hopes to make a career out of photography. "The storms over the last three days have been incredible, unlike anything I have seen in New Zealand," Taylor said. "I spend hours just sitting on the balcony watching them roll in and thunder crashing around everywhere."

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