posted at 01:50
Author Name: Christina Sterbenz
Man Tells The Daily Beast How He Saved His Friend From Bill Cosby
The stomach-churning allegations against famed comedian Bill Cosby keep coming. A man told the Daily Beast about how he allegedly saved one of his disoriented female friends from Cosby's New York City brownstone back in 1984. Around midnight in September of that year, Tony Hogue said he started pounding on Cosby's front door. When Hogue asked about Cosby, the woman said he kept coming into the room, trying to kiss her. "What's the problem?" Cosby asked, according to Hogue. Cosby tried to explain they had too much to drink and weren't feeling well, Hogue said. His friend is "Jane Doe 8," one of 13 women slated to testify in a 2005 sexual assault lawsuit against Cosby. Sexual-assault allegations against Cosby, 77, resurfaced last month after another comedian targeted Cosby during a taped set that went viral.

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