posted at 21:00
Author Name: Germain Moyon
Moscow metros Wi-Fi revolution as city gets wired
By the end of the year, all lines of the Russian capital's famous subway system - the world's second busiest, with some seven million passengers a day - will be connected to broadband Internet. Now organisers say its internet connectivity will be equally impressive, letting busy commuters check email and even download the classics of Russian and world literature for free while riding to work. "In some cities, Wi-Fi is available in the stations but not in the tunnels. Moscow is the only city in Europe where the service is available in trains." In Moscow, where living standards are considerably higher than in the rest of Russia, smartphones are ubiquitous and nearly all restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi access - often accessible without a password. Keen to improve Moscow's dull image of a city of infernal traffic jams and endless winter, local authorities have stepped up efforts to broaden Internet access in public spaces. In 2011, Internet giant Yandex launched a ride-hailing smartphone application, Yandex. Taxi, which "Created a shock" in Moscow, the head of the service, Grigori Dergachev, told AFP. "The taxi revolution has already happened and Moscow is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of online orders," said Lev Volozh, who was behind the launch of Yandex.

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