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Once Upon a Time season 4 episode 10: the calm before the storm
We did see a bridging of two timelines and lands when the mystery of Anna's whereabouts was solved in a surprising way, and the episode also marked the beginning of the end for Hook's life as he aided Rumplestiltskin in his new escape plan. Elsa finds it, and soon enough she and Emma are following it through the tunnels underneath the library to locate Anna. Since the fairies can use the mirror dust particles from the necklace to create a "Vaccine," Emma has to decide between letting Elsa find Anna and saving the whole town. Of course, Elsa doesn't really give Emma the necklace and instead flees to find Anna. She breaks down the wall with her magic and they find themselves on the beach, trying to find Anna to no avail. In one last flashback to Arendelle, we see Anna and Kristoff unfreeze after the Snow Queen iced them over. As Kristoff unties himself in the trunk to save him and Anna in this "Flashback," Elsa is on the beach in Storybrooke wishing for Anna as she clasps her necklace. Just as the couple is about to die, they're magically transported to present day with Elsa and Emma on the beach - Anna's necklace was the Wishing Star all along.

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