posted at 19:50
Author: Rex Santus
Pizza Hut menu picks toppings for you by tracking eye movements
The chain is calling it the first "Subconscious menu," and it acts as a stand-in for the paper menu you'd usually get when dining at a Pizza Hut. The menu has 4,896 possible toppings combinations and is already being tested at some restaurants in the UK. That might seem like you're banking a whole meal on wherever your eyes happen to land for a couple of seconds. Pizza Hut has test results on its side - 98% of people who have tried out the subconscious menu have been satisfied with the experience, according to the company. If you aren't happy with the subconscious menu's decision, a glance at a restart button will start the process over. The menus were developed in collaboration with Tobii, a Swedish company that develops eye-tracking technology. There's a Domino's app, for example, that's designed to allow customers to browse the menu and order food by speaking. The new menus are rolling out in the UK for testing at Pizza Hut's refurbished locations. There's no set date for when the menus will hit the U.S., if at all.

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