posted at 18:50
Author: Rex Santus
Report: Amazon has quietly launched its answer to Seamless and GrubHub
Amazon's food takeout and delivery service that's similar to GrubHub and Seamless is live - sort of. The report also noted that the service is apparently only live in Seattle at about 20 restaurants for delivery and 110 for takeout orders, so it's not a wide launch. No word yet on when the service will be available elsewhere. Some Seattle businesses have also begun using a new so-called "Spotlight" service through Amazon Fresh. Like all things Amazon, everything can be charged directly to your account. It's a part of Amazon's larger effort to expand the ways its users interact with the platform at a local level. The food takeout service is just the start: Amazon may expand into other areas of commerce, too. Amazon did not immediately respond to Mashable's request for comment.

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