posted at 01:50
Author Name: Jim Edwards
Samsung Tizen Z1 v Google Android One $100 Smartphone In India
Rajkumar1220 / Flickr, CCA woman uses a mobile phone in the remote region of Arunachal, Pradesh, in India. Samsung will go head-to-head against Google's super-cheap $100 Android One phone in India by launching a phone using the rival Tizen operating system at roughly the same price, according to Reuters. The Samsung Z1 will launch at a press conference on December 10, according to The Times of India. Of India's online shoppers, 70% shop on their phones rather than on PCs. And most India's 1.2 billion people have yet to buy their first phone - so the growth potential there is massive. About 225 million Indians are expected to buy smart phones in 2014, according to The Guardian. The launch is also significant because most of Samsung's phones use Google's Android operating system. If Samsung is successful in selling Tizen phones, it will steal market share from Android - and that would make Google very unhappy indeed. Google launched its $100 Android One in India in September.

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