posted at 18:51
Author: Sam Laird
ShotTracker: The wearable that counts your hoops makes and misses
The sensor on your wrist tracks when you shoot, the one on the net tracks when you make a shot and the app records your stats. "Shooting 1,000 jumpers per day is no joke," ShotTracker co-founder Dayveon Ross, a former college basketball player, told me before I tried the device out. ShotTracker makes shooting around way more fun. You have to keep your phone close for the device to work; it makes a simple sound effect when a shot is successful, and remains silent when one isn't. Ross said future versions of ShotTracker will include the ability to pinpoint shot locations on the floor. My first round using the device to put up 100 shots, I found a small problem: Some makes - 10 out of 75 - weren't counted. The device still wasn't quite perfect, missing two out of 73 and 81 makes, respectively, on my next two 100-shot go-rounds. Which brings me to one more small point: If you invest $150 in a ShotTracker, make sure you have access to a court where you can get some alone time.

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