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Author Name: AFP
Steve Jobs gives posthumous testimony in Apple trial
New York - Three years after the tech world mourned his passing, Apple mastermind Steve Jobs was back from the dead giving posthumous testimony in a video at a US antitrust trial. Jurors in an Oakland court have been submerged since the beginning of the week in a debate over whether consumers who bought Apple's iPod between 2006 and 2009 were effectively forced to purchase their music from the California titan's online iTunes store. In excerpts published by online news site "The Verge," he said that Apple was "Very concerned" about retaliatory measures that could be taken by record companies if songs purchased in iTunes and downloaded to an iPod were then copied onto somebody else's computer. He argued that "Lots of hackers" were trying to break into the system, and as a result, Apple had to be constantly "Revving the iTunes and iPod software, closing any holes that might be in it, or any problems it might have." Plaintiffs in the class-action suit argued that the repeat changes prevented other online music stores - and potentially less expensive ones at that - from adapting their own systems fast enough for their music to be used on the iPod. This, they said, meant iPod owners had to make purchases on iTunes. Jobs died at the age of 56 after battling cancer for several years. His death came less than two months after ceding company leadership to Apple's current CEO Tim Cook.

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