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Author Name: Lara O'Reilly
The Most Important Stories In Advertising, December 4
There is yet more evidence US advertisers are switching off from TV. Data from the Standard Media Index shows TV spending dropped a "Considerable" 9% in October. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong told the audience at Business Insider's Ignition conference that he thinks digital video advertising is finally starting to suck dollars from TV advertising. He referenced an advertiser who was getting a rebate from his TV ad budget because ads were not going to be filled, Omnicom telling clients to switch up to 25% of their TV budgets away from TV to digital, and that young people are sitting in the living room watching video on their phones rather than looking up at the TV.]. 3. LinkedIn is an extremely valuable advertising platform to target high-earning individuals. Around 40% of LinkedIn users earn more than $100,000 per year. Previously advertisers using Instagram could only track which photos users like and the accounts they follow, now they can get more insights into what those users do outside of the app, "All the way to the check-out line." Pavni Diwanji, Google's vice president of engineering, says the company knows the push will be controversial but adds that children are already using these technologies anyway so the better approach is to make it more safe and fun. Veep actress Julia Louis-Drefus is the new face of Old Navy, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

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