posted at 18:51
Author: Josh Dickey
The Suicide Squad cast of supervillains is the hottest thing in Hollywood
LOS ANGELES - Gee whiz, Warner Bros., leave something for the rest of the superhero movies, eh? The Suicide Squad cast, which the studio confirmed Tuesday in a press release, is a who's-who of young Hollywood. In this glorious nuclear-arms-race of superhero movies, anything less would be a disappointment. Check out the cast and character descriptions below. Uses a wide variety of weapons, including wrist-mounted pistols. Flagg was a three-generations character that started as an original member of the Suicide Squadron in World War II. If the Suicide Squad were the A-Team, Flagg would the the Hannibal. Courtney is Australian, just like Boomerang - originally called "Captain Boomerang" in the comics. He used his boomerang skills for crime after people mocked his traveling show. Hollywood keeps trying to throw Courtney away but he keeps coming back.

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