posted at 19:00
Author: Lance Ulanoff
This is how the Smithsonian made Obamas historic 3D printed bust
Museums are replete with exquisite, lifelike busts of U.S. presidents and heads of state. President Barack Obama's bust, by contrast, is a kind of facsimile never seen before in a presidential representation. That's because the latest presidential statue in Smithsonian's Castle Commons gallery is the result of a 3D scan, the first of its kind of a U.S. president. On Tuesday, The White House and Smithsonian released a behind-the-scenes video that revealed the process necessary to accurately and comprehensively capture Obama's 3D data. The best part of the video may be when Obama meets his eerily life-like bust for the first time. The Smithsonian is not releasing Obama's 3D data for the rest of us to print the President's head at home on our own 3D printers. A Smithsonian spokesperson told Mashable that their digitization team is hopeful that someday Obama's 3D visage will join the rest of the 3D models on this site. Obama's life mask and 3D-printed bust will be on display at the Smithsonian through December 31.

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