posted at 21:50
Author: Lance Ulanoff
Twitter employee No. 51s exit interview is an eye-opener
She has one of those single-name Twitter handles that signals either an early adopter or - in this case - an early Twitter employee. Diaz-Ortiz, who gave her newborn daughter a Twitter handle at birth, peppered her responses with, naturally, all the necessary Twitter handles. The day I met him in person for the first time was the day it was reported that Facebook wanted to buy Twitter, so I remember he was being trailed by some journalists as we grabbed coffee. I came on as an intern to write a thesis for Oxford about Twitter in the last few months of my MBA, and when it got time for my internship to end and for me to get a real job there, I went through a few interviews, but I'd been working there so it was quite informal. On my first day, I was talking with Kevin Thau and he asked for my Twitter handle and followed me. Although I credit Biz with getting me to Twitter in the early days, honestly I've been really lucky to have worked with great bosses at Twitter - from Ev to Biz to Dick to everyone else, it was a great lot. When people ask me for informational interviews about wanting to work at Twitter, they often say something like, "So how big is the team that does ?" Oftentimes the answer is, "Uh, nonexistent?". Do you feel like you were the last of an early generation of Twitter employees? If so, did that mean you viewed the company differently?

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