posted at 17:50
Author: Karissa Bell
Twitters photo filters just got more like Instagrams
The company updated its iOS and Android app Tuesday with new adjustable photo filters to give users more control over how filtered images look. Filters can be enabled after a photo is added to a tweet by selecting the image, which brings up Twitter's in-app photo editing menu. Previously, previews of what each filter looked like were displayed in a large grid. Twitter's new filter menu moves those preview thumbnails down to the bottom portion of the menu, making the feature both cleaner and much more Instagram-like. Selecting a filter brings up a slider that allows you to adjust the strength of the filter. Filters are dialed up to full strength by default but you can bring the amount down for a more subtle look. The filters themselves have also changed slightly and some have been given new names, though there are still only eight options to choose from. Twitter first rolled out its photo filters in 2012 after Instagram stopped supporting Twitter cards, which allowed Instagram posts to be embedded in users' Twitter timelines.

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