posted at 19:50
Author: Adario Strange
Ultrasonics may soon let you touch what you see in virtual reality
"We've been working on this for over four years," Tom Carter, the CTO of Ultrahaptics and a member of the team that developed the technology, told Mashable. The breakthrough, said Carter, who was working on his computer science Ph.D. at the University of Bristol before helping to launch the company, has to do with the optimization of the algorithms that control the ultrasonic waves. "Previously, it's been possible to focus ultrasound to a point," Carter said, but those attempts yielded unstable results. According to Carter, simple interface controls are just the beginning. What most excites Carter are the possibilities of Ultrahaptics being used in virtual reality. "The holy grail for this has to be virtual reality," said Carter. Although the current version of the technology works in a lab setting, Carter said we'll have to wait a bit longer to see some of the commercial applications of the technology. Being able to control a simple device with a button, like an alarm clock" Carter said.

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