posted at 19:00
Author Name: Matt Johnston
Warren Buffet Donates To Hillary Clinton Political Group
Warren Buffet has just done something he's never done before. The third richest man in the world just gave $25,000 to "Ready For Hillary," a group raising money to help Hillary Clinton get to the White House, according to Bloomberg. That is the maximum amount of money the organization allows an individual to give. As Bloomberg notes, he's given lots of money in the past to party committees and candidates, but he's stayed away from political action committees - until now. This is his first ever donation to an independent political group. Back in the last election cycle, super-PAC's supporting the president's re-election tried to get Buffett to support them financially. As Bloomberg notes, Buffett said "I don't want to see democracy go in that direction," when asked about the issue at an annual shareholders meeting.

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