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Author: ClickZ
Why analytics training will probably not solve your problems
If you're a marketer and you're thinking that the solution to your analytics troubles is a dose of training, think again. Training won't hurt, of course - unless you think you've got analytics knocked after a few sessions with an expert. Because by definition, if training is what you think you need, then you're very likely a professional at something else. Can someone else - a digital analytics expert, let's say - take a few hours of training and do what you do? Chances are they cannot. I've seen a number of cases where marketers begin a conversation about fixing an analytics ague with a request for "Training." I typically assume that what they are trying to say is, "Things here are a mess and we've got to start somewhere" - and very often, "Training" is the only thing that comes to mind. Recently I encountered a client who kicked off a phone call by saying they needed "a few hours of training." Then, having signed up for a customized training program, they took their first lesson. Not so much about "How to do it." More likely the training should focus on the broader concepts that underpin the entire analytics endeavor. If you think the answer to your analytics problem is a dose of training, you may not be as wrong as all that.

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